Latte 4U-At Your Service


How It Works

 With Latte 4U, there are no contracts to sign and no installation charges to start with our 
 business coffee service.

 Latte 4U provides a completely automatic top-of-the line cappuccino/espresso machine as well as all
 the supplies you need to make great coffee.

 The machine is a sleek, space saving European design that fits anywhere with no need for plumbing.
 You just need a standard AC outlet.

 You can choose from several different business models:

  • Pay per drink coffee drinkers pay for the coffee by inserting coins or bills into the machine. You
    provide the machine as a convenience for your employees and customers.

  • Revenue share Latte 4U shares a portion of the coffee revenue with you in exchange for some assistance with servicing the machine.

  • Free service Latte 4U charges you for each cup of coffee and you offer it free to your
    employees and customers.

  • Custom this computerized machine can be customized for various configurations including paying
    for coffee during certain hours and offering it free during other hours.
     We can customize a billing arrangement to fit your needs.

 We also provide a unique 24 hour a day/7 day a week number should you need us for anything in
 between regular visits. There is no charge for service calls!